Social media influencer Joe Hattab acquires a second passport through Respect Services

Jo Hattab 2nd passport

Social media influencer Joe Hattab has successfully acquired a second passport through an investment program offered by Respect Services. Hattab posted the process in detail through a YouTube video on his personal channel.

In the video, Hattab spoke about the difficulties he used to have in issuing travel visas and how that impacted his professional career in content creation. He also talked about the new opportunities that opened up to him thanks to his new passport. 

The influencer explained that he was able to attain his second passport within 6 month through Saint Kitts investment program (starting at $150,000) and he is now able to travel to over 140 countries without visa requirements, including EU member states, the UK, and some Latin American countries.

Joe expressed his deep happiness and excitement about the freedom this new passport gave him, he’s now able to travel to Peru for the first time to make a new YouTube video there about the Seven Wonders of the World 

Hattab told his followers that now he can finally can shoot the long-waited video of the Amazon Forest as he’s able to travel to the countries hosting it visa-free. He ended the video with an exciting contest to thank his loyal followers.

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