Interview with the CEO of Respect Services, Hani Alsadi, on Asharq News

Mr. Hani Al Sadi, CEO of Respect Services, was a guest in a live interview on Morning with Cyba on Asharq News, to talk about citizenship and residency by investment programs.

During the interview, Mr. Hani answered investors’ frequently asked questions about choosing the best service providers for second residency and citizenship programs. He also gave applicants interested in the service, important advice to protect themselves against fraud. 

Since job stability is one of the key factors for investors nowadays, Mr. Hani said that the citizenship and residency by investment programs that do not require relocation see the highest demand. He also mentioned that interested applicants must do their research about the credibility and the quality of the service provider before starting their residency or citizenship by investment applications.

Mr. Hani mentioned that residency and citizenship by investment programs endured a big price drop in recent years due to high competition, which gave investors and families of different nationalities and average income, various investment solutions to plan for their future.

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